Have you got an old pair of shoes that have seen better days but you don’t want to get rid of?
Or is it your favourite leather handbag that is looking forlorn?
Allow TRG Easy Dye to give your favourite item a new lease of life.
Transform your shoes, handbags, belts etc… to a different colour or revive the present shade.
Available in an extensive array of over 50 colours, there is sure to be the one you’re after. If not, get creative and mix the colours to achieve the perfect match.
TRG Easy Dye is effectively a paint that is suitable for use on leather, canvas or synthetic.
With the ability to transform items from dark to light (yes, you can go from black to white), the only limitation is your creativity!
Watch the 3 minute video to see how it happens.
The dye kit includes a 25ml bottle of dye and a sponge used for preparing the item and then applying the dye.
We’ve also got this product in an aerosol form.


Helpful Tips:
– Well prepared items produce better results
– Apply in thin layers to avoid blotches
– Ensure each coat is completely dry before applying the next one


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