Same Day Dispatch

All Orders received by 3.00pm, we would expect to dispatch the same day. This includes orders received by phone, email or online.

Goods on shelves in a large warehouse

Largest Range

Here at Footcom we stock the most extensive range of Shoe Care and Shoe Repair products available in New Zealand. Our goods are sourced worldwide from over thirty reputable Manufacturers and Suppliers. We are multi-stockists, representing a wide variety of brands to meet the needs of those requiring the best, as well as those concerned to procure the most economical options.

Fast & Friendly Support

We are always happy to receive your orders but we can also look after your questions and enquiries via phone, email or online. We will endeavour to respond to your requests within 24 hours. We have staff who have worked with us for many years and they are willing to share their knowledge relating to Shoe Care and Repair. If one of our team is unable to assist we will do our best to direct you to someone who is able to help.