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Product Description

Orthotic Transfer Paper, designed to cover thermoplastic material used in orthoses. Sheet Size: 1600 x 1000mm

The colouring paper is easy to apply, even with folds or creases.
Which means: folded storage? No problem!

No matter which design, the processing remains the same.
Easy to peel off – even without silicone spray.

An intensive colour transfer creates an optimal result. Thanks to the special
manufacturer‘s process, subsequent staining is reduced enormously – brilliant
colours for satisfied customers.

For climate protection and the environment: our colouring paper now uses even
less ink and paper in production.

Bring colour to white thermoplastics and textiles

Common Applications:

  • AFO’s
  • Foot Orthoses
  • Any orthotic or prosthetic devices


Processing tips
Heat the cut thermoplastic completely to its specified processing temperature (min 140°C).
Then apply the colouring paper with the printed side to the hot plastic.

Tip: Leave a small corner of the paper sticking up so you can easily grab it to peel it off.
After only 15 seconds, you can peel off the paper again and continue processing the

Please note
If necessary, the plastic plate can be reheated in the oven after colouring.
This will cause the design to lose some of its sharpness and colour intensity.

To transfer the design onto white lamination fabric, polyester strap, hook or loop strap,
you will need a standard iron and a suitable surface.
Set the iron to the highest temperature and iron on the design.
Allow for a contact time of 15 seconds.

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