Nora Motion Combi 1 (16mm)

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Product Description

The Nora Motion Combi is a vulcanised combination of a bedding layer Lunatec Motion 10D (6mm) and a stabilising layer of Lunasoft SL 40D(10mm) in light blue. The Nora Motion Combi is ideal as a bedding for people with foot pain and as an absorption of shearing forces caused by walking. It may help patients to start integrating their heels and forefoot actively into their walk again, if these areas have caused pain before and therefore changed their walking pattern. The effect of the soft bedding layer can be felt to maximum extent when worn without an additional top cover. A feeling of firmer standing can be obtained by putting a top layer of leather or EVA on – without compromising the minimisation of shearing forces. It is ideal for where pressure sensitivity is required. Sheet Size: 960 x 600mm.

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