DM Biontech Insole

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Product Description

The DM Biontech is a personalised, biomechanical insole that prevents joint pain. Manufactured in Europe, these insoles have maximum breathability and antibacterial treatment.
Enjoy less joint pain, better balance and less muscular fatigue when using these personalised insoles that fully adapt to the shape of your foot.
Suitable for use in many different shoe types, including sports footwear, work footwear and hiking footwear.


Tests have shown that using the DM Biontech Insole results in the following:
– 5.3% less vibration in the lumbar region
– 17.2% less vibration on the knee
– 12.6% less vibration in the ankle
– 44% stability when walking


By warming the insole, a biomechanical process in the material starts, allowing it to become mouldable so you can create the perfect fit for your feet.
Packet includes 3 simple steps to create your own personalised insole.
Available in 7 different sizes

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