Topy Elysees Half Soles 1.8mm

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Product Description

These Topy Elysees Half Soles are pre-cut from the Topy Elysees 1.8mm sheeting which has excellent resistance to abrasion. Ideal for applying to new shoes as a protective layer.
Available in 8 sizes and 8 colours.

Size/Measurements (approx.):

Sz 1: 125mm L x 90mm W

Sz 2: 140mm L x 100mm W

Sz 3: 160mm L x 105mm W

Sz 4: 170mm L x 120mm W

Sz 5: 190mm L x 120m W

Sz 5 Square: 220mm L x 130mm W

Sz 6: 195mm L x 140mm W


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